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What Our Students Have to Say

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Learn To Paint TODAY with Patrick Ching's Painting Nature Online Mastery Course!

Each of these painting videos contains many valuable lessons.

They are all self-contained follow-along videos, complete with an introduction to bring any painter up to speed. The paintings are presented in a chronological order that builds upon the lessons learned in the previous painting videos.

By the time you have painted the first twenty-six paintings, you’ll probably be a gallery ready artist if you aren’t already.

About Patrick Ching

“Hawaii’s Nature Artist”

Realistic Nature Painting Can be Learned Quickly, Especially with the Help of World Class Nature Artist Patrick Ching.  Since the age of sixteen Patrick Ching has been painting professionally. Soon after launching his painting career, he began teaChing art as well.

Patrick’s unique ability to communicate painting concepts and soon had him teaching his advanced techniques to hundreds of artist from all over the world.

Now he travels internationally conducting art shows and painting workshops and also teaches art on his television show called “Painting In Paradsie” on OC16.

Student Gallery

Here Are a Few of our Students and Their Work!

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