Introduction to Patrick Ching’s Painting Nature Online Mastery Course

What if you could paint anything you want to?


Well, This is a Great Place to Start!


Aloha, I’m Patrick Ching, and I’m here to help you become the Best art teacher you’ll ever have.


Realistic Nature Painting is a great skill to learn because it will help you to see the world and figure out how to rebuild it with paint.


Imagine looking at a scene and being able to literally dissect the layers of nature in your mind. You can then begin the process of rebuilding that scene with paint.


I’ll help you figure out what’s in the back, and what’s in front. What’s underneath, and what’s on top.


The lessons in these videos are especially for use with oil or acrylic paints; the ones I call “The Building Paints”.


In these videos, I’ll be demonstrating with GENESIS Heat Set Oil paints because I can keep them wet when I need to and dry them immediately when I want to.


You can just as well use traditional oil paints like Windsor Newton or Grumbacher brands. You’ll just have to wait for these paints to dry naturally before going on to the glazing techniques.


Finally, you may use acrylic paints too such as Liquitex or Golden Acrylics. Keep in mind that each type of paint dries differently so I’ll be pointing out how the techniques we use will have to be adjusted for each type of paint.


This twenty-six painting course is especially designed by me to help you understand and practice important techniques for painting all aspects of nature.


By the time you’ve completed the first set of paintings, I’m sure you’ll be able to create top quality paintings, and, if you choose to, make some income or even make a living from your art. (Results are up to you, not me.)


So whether you want to be a good recreational artist or a professional, I thank you for taking this big step, and I look forward to enjoying this journey together.

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