Pricing Your Art

Pricing is about the hardest thing about being a professional artist.

First of all, keep Real track of your time including prep and research. Do your best to estimate the time it may take. Come up with a guess at how much time it will take and add in your material costs.

If you are doing something new, do it with a low hourly rate. Remember, you are getting paid for what you know but also getting paid to learn.

As time goes on and you get more experienced with each new skill, you can start charging more.

The more you charge, the more professional you are expected to be.

Be prepared and prompt. Allow for unforeseen circumstances. Over deliver!

More work will keep coming if you do, and your experience will translate into confidence.

*If you ever have a customer seem unsatisfied, it is an opportunity to make things right and build a stronger relationship than the ones that went off easy…


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