CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 30% off Painting Nature Online 26 Instructional Videos with 2-DVD Set

If you have aspiring artists on your Christmas list, I’m offering a special gift package on my Painting Nature 2 DVD set and my 26 online video lessons. Get it for a super low price until December 25th.

Each of these painting videos contains many valuable lessons. They are all self-contained follow-along videos, complete with an introduction to bring any painter up to speed. The paintings are presented in a chronological order that builds upon the lessons learned in the previous painting videos.

The Painting Nature with Patrick Ching two-disc DVD set contains all of my techniques and insights on art and oil painting in general. It also has a section on Genesis paints, in particular.

*The reference photos provided in these lessons are copyright permitted for you by Patrick Ching and the contributing photographers.

Course Lessons:

Lesson 1 – Painting Skies

Lesson 2 – Painting Rainbows

Lesson 3 – Painting Sunsets

Lesson 4 – Painting Oceans

Lesson 5 – Painting Waves

Lesson 6 – Painting Coconut Trees

Lesson 7 – Painting Jacaranda Trees

Lesson 8 – Painting Distant Mountains

Lesson 9 – Painting Misty Forest Fades

Lesson 10 – Painting Underwater Shallow Dolphins

Lesson 11 – Painting Underwater Whales

Lesson 12 – Painting Birds of Paradise

Lesson 13 – Painting Red Hibiscus

Lesson 14 – Painting Mangoes

Lesson 15 – Painting Jumping Dolphins

Lesson 16 – Painting Monk Seals

Lesson 17 –  Painting Humuhumunukunukuapua’a

Lesson 18 – Painting Omilu

Lesson 19 – Painting Horse Standing

Lesson 20 – Painting Horse Face

Lesson 21 –Painting Waterfall

Lesson 22 –Painting Forest Birds

Lesson 23 –Painting a Moonlit Sky

Lesson 24 – Painting Roosters

Lesson 25 – Painting Sea Turtles

Lesson 26 – Painting Sea Turtle Faces


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