Painting Nature Online Interactive Course

Video Painting Lessons for Oil, Genesis, and Acrylic Painters

26 Video Painting Lessons with Patrick Ching with Q&A Facebook Group $495

$495 is $19.03 per painting lesson!

Each of these painting videos contains many valuable lessons. They are all self-contained follow-along videos, complete with an introduction to bring any painter up to speed. The paintings are presented in a chronological order that builds upon the lessons learned in the previous painting videos.

By the time you have painted the first twenty-six paintings, you’ll probably be a gallery ready artist if you aren’t already.

While you are enrolled in the Interactive Online Painting Course, you will have the ability to ask questions to Patrick Ching and receive answers via a private Facebook Group.

For a list of art supplies and materials needed for this course, refer to the blog post “Supplies List for Painting Nature Mastery Course”.

*The reference photos provided in these lessons are copyright permitted for you by Patrick Ching and the contributing photographers.

Course Lessons:

Lesson 1 – Painting Skies

Lesson 2 – Painting Rainbows

Lesson 3 – Painting Sunsets

Lesson 4 – Painting Oceans

Lesson 5 – Painting Waves

Lesson 6 – Painting Coconut Trees

Lesson 7 – Painting Jacaranda Trees

Lesson 8 – Painting Distant Mountains

Lesson 9 – Painting Misty Forest Fades

Lesson 10 – Painting Underwater Shallow Dolphins

Lesson 11 – Painting Underwater Whales

Lesson 12 – Painting Birds of Paradise

Lesson 13 – Painting Red Hibiscus

Lesson 14 – Painting Mangoes

Lesson 15 – Painting Jumping Dolphins

Lesson 16 – Painting Monk Seals

Lesson 17 –  Painting Humuhumunukunukuapua’a

Lesson 18 – Painting Omilu

Lesson 19 – Painting Horse Standing

Lesson 20 – Painting Horse Face

Lesson 21 –Painting Waterfall

Lesson 22 –Painting Forest Birds

Lesson 23 –Painting a Moonlit Sky

Lesson 24 – Painting Roosters

Lesson 25 – Painting Sea Turtles

Lesson 26 – Painting Sea Turtle Faces


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