Realistic Nature Painting Workshop-Oahu, June 4, 2017

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Realistic oil painting may be learned quickly. It is not as complicated as you think. In one day, I will get you familiar with your paint and materials so that you will know how to attain the colors and effects you desire.

You’ll be asked to look closer at the world than you ever have before so you can figure out what layers to paint first, and next, and next.

You will be able to learn important techniques, using GENESIS non-toxic, odorless oil paints.  These paints dry only when You want them to. This allows you to do several layers of an oil painting and complete a painting in one day. The lessons learned with GENESIS paint may be applied to any kind of oil paint.

The workshop comes with a 9″x12″ Fredrix brand canvas and all of the paint and materials you’ll need to complete your painting.

Bring some photographs of things you’d like to paint. You may email me photos beforehand if you like so we may select something with maximum results.

You may take breaks or snack when you want to during the workshop.

This month, Patrick will be visiting Tennessee to visit and paint Challenger, the bald eagle from the American Eagle Foundation. Patrick spent years of his life as a wildlife ranger in remote parts of Hawaii. He is the author of many books on Hawaiian wildlife. He now travels internationally teaching art and has a TV show called “Painting in Paradise”.

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