Questions and Answers FAQ’s Frequently Asked Questions About Patrick Ching’s Online Classes

Question: Patrick,,, Are You Crazy? What makes you think you can deliver all this?

Answer: My friends, I have been teaching my advanced painting techniques for most of my life. I Know My Stuff Well and I do my best to pass it on. As I learn how to teach online, I may make mistakes or make adjustments. If it is too inefficient for you, don’t worry, I will make you happy or refund your money. If any artist works harder on this than I do, you should throw them in the Pupule house. Please ask this question again after spending six months learning with me and see what you’re doing with your art.


Question: Why are you teaching Online?

Answer: On this online format, I can keep people learning on a regular basis and build their knowledge and skill while practicing the important techniques that will take their art to professional levels.


Question: Is this course for beginners or advanced artists?

Answer: This is advanced painting training. The course is designed for rapid learning. But, it can be for beginners as well. Beginners can make use of the free videos to get up to speed. I recommend for anyone wanting their personal questions answered should sign up for the Online Class with Q and A Message Board.


Question: Is the Deluxe course with Live Meetings recommended for beginners?

Answer: To be a part of the very limited group of students that I meet with weekly to see their progress and talk with personally, you will need to be a dedicated student that has learned from me and understands certain skills well. You will need to communicate well with me and be ambitious about your art skills.


Question: How many canvases should you buy?

Answer: The whole course may take up to 24 canvasses.

Some canvasses may be used for two or more lessons. For example, the first lesson on Painting Sky may be used as a base for the lesson on Painting Rainbows.

I recommend Fredrix Canvas Size 8”x10”, or 9”x12”…11”x14” if you feel ambitious.


Question: How long are the lessons?

Answer: Each video lesson will be 2-3 hours long.


Question: What if I miss a week or two. Can I have access to the videos for a long time?

Answer: A student will have a week between each painting lesson and may take up to a year with the 26 lesson videos.


Question: Can I join anytime or do I have to start at a certain date?

Answer: You can join the course and start from the beginning at any time.


Question: If I buy Individual painting lessons then decide to enroll in the whole course, can I get the amount I paid deducted from the course price?

Answer: Sorry, no. There are big benefits to buying the whole course. One benefit is the financial price break.


Question: Is it ok to drink or smoke pot while doing the lessons?

Answer: No, it’s Not ok with me. Not during online meetings or communicating with me. It puts people on a different beam not conducive to learning. If I do not enjoy my communication, I may choose to discontinue teaching a person.


Question: How long should I take art from Patrick Ching?

Answer: “Go on, Get outa here!” Haha… Learning from me the anatomy of nature and How to See More than most humans do is a highly recommended way to start of your art career. I think Six months to a year of weekly courses will take you to a professional level and I also encourage you to learn from other people during or after our time together. I also hope you will consider teaching others to paint as well…

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