What These Lessons Are Really About

What these lessons are REALLY About

A student of the online painting mastery course showed me her work, along with a list off all the things she noticed different about her painting and the lesson painting.

I told her:

“Keep this beautiful painting AND do another one. Do the things you noticed and make the changes you mentioned. The lessons are not only about the paintings, but MORE importantly, the PROCESS of doing the paintings.”

Friends, I’m sure you see the difference between these lesson paintings that I do in a couple of hours and the realistic paintings that take me weeks to complete.

The most important things I want to convey are contained in the Seeing Habits, Analyzation Process, and Execution of Steps it takes to “Rebuild” what you see by Reassembling The Layers Of Nature With Paint.

There are Many ways to go about any painting. I spend a lot of my life figuring out how to communicate the best ways to approach the various subjects.

These are just My observations. My work in life is to help you to understand Yours.



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